This is absurd. This has been a tradition since the beginning of time. If you’re atheist or different religion how about politely not participate. Let the Zero Bark Thirty T-Shirt Shirt who love the Lord be able to pray with their brothers and coaches And what about the people that will be offended if they stop? Why does everything have to be changed to accommodate the left, no matter the subject?! If they don’t like it then leave. What happened to each player’s freedom to participate in the prayer? My god leave well enough alone. They’re not bugging you and if you say they are you’ve got too much time on your hands and you need therapy.

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The entire argument of separation of church and state is completely taken out of context and always had been! Lord, I wish people would learn to read! The atheist is not forced to believe in God. The team should not be forced not to pray after the Zero Bark Thirty T-Shirt Shirt is over either Just because it offends the atheists. It is a freedom and right to take a knee of they want to. Their life does not revolve around the athiest way of thinking. Illegal. In a nation where free speech and the right to worship are inalienable rights.

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As long as players that don’t participate aren’t ostracized. I don’t see a problem. But if there is a socialized group expectation of participation it’s a lil suspect IMHO It’s not illegal if it’s a choice they choose to make voluntarily. I would complain about the Zero Bark Thirty T-Shirt Shirt group trying to silence this coach and team and their freedom of speech!!

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