That was my husband You cant sit with us Joker and Bat man shirt. and my favourite song our love was so true and I still love him even though he’s been gone over 8 years I still can’t date anyone else. Linda Croft, galpal I know your pain. Its been 5yrs6months and 15 days for me. This has been the most painful emotion I have ever had the displeasure of having. I can’t look at one of our pics. I’m still balling my eyes out and wondering if it will ever stop hurting. But then I don’t have any options… I’m 61 yrs old and every day as I wake, I ask God why are you so cruel, why didn’t you take me first???  Vivian Breiner, you have lots of time left to do what needs to be done. I know your husband wouldn’t want you to stop living your life because he’s not living his life. I’ll guarantee you that if he could talk to you he’d tell you to get off your butt and go meet a new companion. He would want you to move on and start living your life. You’re still a life and there’s a new mate or companion just waiting to start a new life may be for the same reasons you have. 

You cant sit with us Joker and Bat man shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

You cant sit with us Joker and Bat man  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
You cant sit with us Joker and Bat man  Hoodie
You cant sit with us Joker and Bat man  LongSleeve
You cant sit with us Joker and Bat man  Sweatshirt
For me, it has been 5 years and 8 months You cant sit with us Joker and Bat man shirt. I love my husband with all I have but it was not my time. I would give up my freedom for just one more day but the reality is that’s not going to happen. Therefore I live each day like there’s no tomorrow because there may not be. Another man out there for me I doubt it. I had my wonderful 35 years. I could not imagine loving another but my life will go on. I now enjoy day trips with my sister, even long weekends in New York. I enjoy my children and my grandchildren and I thank God every day for those people he placed in my path. Does his death still hurt? Your damn right it hurts. There are some days the pain hurts so bad that I feel it in my chest. Some days the tears won’t stop coming but by the grace of God, I will live while I am here and I will be called home one day and see my husband again. Vivian, I hope you reach this point in your life. PS …I am 60. Life will keep on keeping on. Vivian Breiner You’re being cruel to yourself for not living as your husband would have you do. God has no part in the pain you have taken upon yourself. Love yourself and look at each day as something to be enjoyed.

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