He was into something dodgy himself gangs maybe sounds dodgey to me exoobsession exoexol httpsyoutubeuxmpbauy. Httpsyoutubeuxmpbauy that child will become batman doesnt sound very swedish he was from kosovo but who. Killed him with gun while in When guns are outlawed Ill be an outlaw shirt uk most of them using knife very sad forgive. My ignorance but arent guns illegal in london international drug traffiker gets executed on his. Doorstep live by the sword die by the sword guess what itll be a white christian thats why its not.

When guns are outlawed Ill be an outlaw shirts

Shooting rip i thought there could be no shootings in london considering that guns are banned what kind of. People are these cretins i thought  uk has gun control laws in place we see. How thats working out for them sad condolences to the family how awful for wife child to witness not saying. Its not sad but he was swedens most wanted man at ome point and is linked to tons. Of albanian gangland killings oh my what a tragedy are guns not outlawed in uk their was.

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