You gotta post the rest We Beat Duke 8583 shirt. Also, if you’ve never read it, Suze’s book is a great look into his life. Dining acid years before the rest of the art community, their apartments, parts of letters to and from Italy. Also, Levon Helm’s book is amazing and worth the time. Talks about upstate NY and big pink a good deal. How they were all junkies, etc. Levon also talks about what he did while the 1966 tour with Dylan went on without him. He was like a good driller in Mexico or something crazy. Eventually, he came back and headed to the big pink and so on. Interesting read for both Dylan and The Band info. Thanks for the recommendations. I read Suze’s book as soon as it came out; haven’t read Levon’s, though. Funnily enough, I just got through reading Robbie Robertson’s memoir, “Testimony.” A guy is a terrific storyteller. Not sure why that surprised me, considering all the great songs he wrote, but it did. Check it out if and when you get the chance.

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And, in the meantime, I’m gonna pounce on Levon’s book while I’m still in this “Band” state of mind We Beat Duke 8583 shirt. Yes. Dylan doesn’t show until about a third of the way through; once he arrives, though, the force of his presence tends to dominate every page that he’s on. Most of the action Robertson describes took place during the period of his life in which Dylan was a fixture (the book ends with The Last Waltz). He writes about meeting Dylan, the ’66 world tour, mixing Blonde on Blonde, serving as best man/sole witness at Dylan’s wedding, Tour ’74…all that in addition to his account of The Basement Tapes, which is detailed and gripping and was for me the high point of the whole deal. Holy shit. This is a fucking saga….who even is this person? She’s Instagram famous? How?? Honestly. I am so sorry this is so terrible but…this would make for a great horror book.

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