I would think that politicians would be what you want to fact check the most. They represent us in our government and we need to have good information so we can make an informed decision at the voting booth. If Facebook had to fact check the Vintage Gloves on life off shirt of everything posted by politicians, their staff population would have to be the size of a small town.I’m sure giant mega-corporations and governments only have altruistic motivations in mind when controlling information. I’m sure they can be trusted to decide what’s true and false with no bias.

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This is a very difficult dilemma for Facebook and other social media. A balance between freedom of speech and the Vintage Gloves on life off shirt of misinformation. Not enough people to check every post and no one has come up with a software algorithm that can do this successfully. They already monitor population trends and opinions so I would have thought it would be very easy for them to use existing algorithms to provide an automatic link to a fact check site.

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It matters as Facebook is the Vintage Gloves on life off shirt media company in the world except acting responsibly and being accountable for what it publishes. A fact that seems to be over the head of about 35 million Americans.would not call it a cult following. I call it Americans who have had enough of being told what we HAVE to accept as normal, being told to “Give the govt your money because you’re too stupid to know what to do with it”, and last but not least, we were just sick of the liberal BS that spews from every news source.

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