Serious question…can Unicorn Snow Unicorn vintage shirt. Declare a national emergency on anything and the country has to jump to? Say if a president loses his mind, decides that we need to build a giant hot air balloon to take Hawaii to the mainland and declares a national emergency over it then everyone just has to be like “well, guess we are building a giant balloon.”. Well, this “laughing stock of the planet” has increased the GDP by 4.1%, the unemployment rate is near a 50-year low.

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Meanwhile, market has jumped 27 percent amid a surge in corporate profits Unicorn Snow Unicorn vintage shirt. As much of how people can call him a moron, give credit where credit is due. I’m not American and I do hate Trump, but… part of me thinks hell yeah, take money from the military budget. Your government spends way too much on ‘defence’ as it is. And be honest, it’s more peacocking and dick waving than it is defense really. Yeah, it’s like pretending your muscles won’t die when your heart gets shot. The threat isn’t from a militia invading anymore. I’m Ignorant but I assume every developed country could cause enough damage in retaliation to prevent physical contact from being on the table. It’s things like obtaining power in a foreign country through other means that we need to worry about. A more knowledgeable person could give possibilities and/or examples, I’m sure. This is great! In 2020, the President ( whoever she may be) can solve the healthcare emergency, the student loan emergency, and the firearm emergency all at once! Thanks, Donald! We spend a lot on defense protecting countries that spend hardly on defense (presumably like yours) and don’t meet their obligations (such as NATO). So if some of those European countries actually paid for their own defense we probably could scale back our defense spending a bit. I think this is actually a valid point, and while I didn’t vote for Trump or support him, I do agree with this point and I think everyone has redeeming aspects. I think the US needs to scale back military spending and let allies pick up some slack. And even when they succeed in that mission, they have dire consequences for those they claim to protect. That wall is a phenomenal example of security theatre, one that hurts many more than it helps. It keeps both sides in and inhibits any true solution to the conflict. Eventually, Israelis will die because of it as with every wall ever. One may argue they are already. But sure, great example.

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