This guy mustn’t be too bright because he clearly hasn’t heard of the treaty between the 2 countries and I don’t think he was listening to the correct phone call. It was hearsay. He didn’t hear anything and the Turkey nurse thanksgiving shirt of the call has been released showing no wrongdoing whatsoever. This is not a news source. Only a lie source. Shameful. ell, I see there are a few folks here who support a draft-dodging coward. Though I should be upset I can’t be.
As a veteran, I’m just glad I did a tiny part to help make this a free country.

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So should the military NOT ask it’s allied to go to war with them? Maybe the Turkey nurse thanksgiving shirt of criminals is a bad thing too. Foreign affairs depend on trust and cooperation. Trump, was well within the legal authority to ask them to look into corruption, this left-wing hack said he “doesn’t think,” that is an opinion, not founded on a fact. Here are the facts. The US constitution gives any president the authority to execute the laws of this country. Second, there is a treaty that Clinton signed in 1999 to give way, to do so. Third, Trump did not mention any names. Lastly, the official transcript speaks for itself, nothing illegal was ever mentioned.

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A cult of the Turkey nurse thanksgiving shirt arises when a country’s regime, or more rarely an individual, uses mass media, propaganda, patriotism, lies, spectacle, and government-organized demonstrations and rallies to create a heroic image of a leader, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. He is much like Hitler. But tRump is usually incoherent, unhinged and vulgar. You are the ridiculous mark of dangerous con man. If you want to live in a dictatorship, leave. I suggest North Korea.

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