Obamacare was designed as a failure from day one. Obama said so himself while promoting it. Single-payer or full Monty government care “you can’t go for it all at once….you do it incrementally”. So Nelson is either lying or stupid. Anyone that justifies in their mind that it’s ok we spend 52 trillion dollars and bankrupt the Tri Ford Harrison Ford Christmas shirt just because people think everyone must have healthcare as a right, then you need to get an evaluation.

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The nomination will be Hillary Clinton. There will be so much backstabbing, living, and all the mean stuff. Then at the last minute, she will steal the Tri Ford Harrison Ford Christmas shirt from the other democrats. Then the backstabbing will really begin. She loses a final election again but this time. Nobody will know she is running. I have noticed that many “former” Democrat politicians have gotten honest as of late. Bill Nelson is one of many that have talked about issues that the current democrat politicians are involved in that ordinary Americans are not in favor of & will not support.

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We no you are about to suddenly beg Hillary to run. Like she hasn’t been running all along waiting to jump in after the 20 fools tear each other up and are broke. It will be Hillary & Bernie again soon. Look out Bernie here she comes, she’s man-eater! Trump 2020 – please vote America. Extra effective against skeletons which are just like empty suits; and most goblin types which are lightly armored Antifa thug types. She seems to be surprised to know that’s how it indeed works. Thank God our founding fathers predicted radical population hubs shouldn’t control election outcomes.

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