No one should be a scapegoat. There should not have been an option to fire with civilian planes in air being used as human shields to lessen the Timothese Chalamet Sports Fan’s Handmade Shirt of USA firing. Their government is to blame! Passenger plane traveling east to west. Impossible to detect as a threat. Shot down by a deliberate act by this treacherous and godless regime.

Timothese Chalamet Sports Fan’s Handmade Shirts

It’s the source of fire that’s the  I believe you don’t know what research is when you call this article full of facts. It’s full of statements and saying and then some obvious knowledge. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You are just repeating what you have read but you’re not thinking. Do you have any clue how much Co2 China wants to increase its emissions with this century? Fossil fuel isn’t the problem anymore, it’s an add on only. What I did was actual research and found 1% of the fires are thought to have been caused by the 24 people arrested for arson, the conditions fire spreads in is basic science making a more habitable world is definitely all about money and nothing to do with, you know, people needing somewhere to live. There is no conspiracy here. Climate change is a reality and we are contributing to it. These predictions were.

Rockets going into space? I would love to know what your replies are LOL. Finally, the sea temperatures which fluctuate around our globe causing certain weather patterns. Australia has suffered from very warm sea temperatures off of North-Western Australia they are now starting to cool again this will cause two things to happen, Cyclone rains to hit Australia in the Timothese Chalamet Sports Fan’s Handmade Shirt days and whilst America has had a warm Winter mainly so far, that to is going to Flip over to Cold snowy icy conditions. Yep, you can screenshot my comment but I will be proven right and correct.

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