What’s up Sean Mee scared of being outside a protectionist racket lol the whole world is out there wanting to do business with the 5th biggest economy in the The love never end bears family shirt. Or of course we could stay in the EU and prop them up, they treat us despicably but they are more than happy to grab our money! Get a pair! Funny ain’t it, promising all the social rebuilding now, the very things that they have purposely underfunded and let collapse over the past 9 plus years that they said they had no money for! Where has it all suddenly come from!

The love never end bears family shirt hoodie tank top and sweater

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The love never end bears family sweater


How come we’re suddenly so rich when we’ve been so piss poor that working people have needed food banks? The The love never end bears family shirt at their manipulative, lying, best! Sadly, in the UK we don’t have any checks and balances to ensure our politicians keep their pledges so these statements should be taken with large dose of salt. What we do know is that our politicians are liars and warmongers.

The love never end bears family tank top

tank top

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If your plan is to deliver Brexit on the The love never end bears family shirt October, then there’s no point in focusing on Brexit, rather what’s needed to attract investment after Brexit, like healthy worker’s, easy access to ports to export finished goods or import components raw materials! Socialists have suddenly found their voice Boris commits on spending Corbyn wants to nationalize everything he wants to put a stop to people having second homes he wants all to be equally great how will that happen he has over 3 million in the bank is he going to share it around.

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