Water and food. I still can’t believe this is happening I real. It is just the beginning of the end of the earth. Today we are killing animals for our survival and soon we will be killing each other for food and water. Richardson yea, that’s the logic of human, kill those immigrants if they are tougher and can live better than the native. For those spices they like, they call it natural selections. For those spices they don’t like, they call them invaders that needed to be killed. There is no such thing as true native in the The It Crowd Fatherrr Vintage Shirt earth, every spice try their best to look for the best land for survival and then evolves. Hypocrite human. Your comment about rampaging in search of water: imagine you’re dropped off in the Middle East and you’re a foreigner running into people’s homes demanding water. Surely they’d take action. How can we have sympathy for the terrible suffering of the humans there when they do this to the poor animals?

The It Crowd Fatherrr Vintage Shirt

It’s a cull, not an obliteration of the species. We cull thousands of deer every year, but no one bats an eyelid. They are obviously a very successful species and numbers will pick up, but currently they are being a pest. They are also at risk of dying of thirst and hunger in the drought, so the vast number needs to be controlled. it was humans that did it the do-gooding ones that bang on about the  planet but won’t burn undergrowth that causes the fires to happen in the first place and then won’t kill an animal that’s invasive to other species natural to Australia. While I don’t necessarily agree with culling it’s necessary to protect other animals. Stone exactly sad for Animals! I love your comments, yes totally agree, the other thing is the ones who done in the first place, would tell you they were Animal lovers, just like Cat owners, who let their Cat roam streets, only to kill wildlife and go feral.

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    Appaulling quality and shocking customer service. Been trying to return. Reported to trading standard

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    As I’m writing this I am wearing the jumper I ordered, I love it it’s so warm and comfy. Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this review with us.

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