Stupid judge Sugar skull tree Christmas shirt. He should have been thinking if the poor babies and not the workers at the clinics. What has this country become? what happened to safety for the Whistleblower like Schiff is doing now with Trump. We can’t have 2 standards one for democrats and one for everyone else I don’t remember farming operations being awarded major sums of money when they were being exposed for abusing animals. What hypocrisy. Cruelty is cruelty.

Sugar skull tree Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Sugar skull tree Christmas  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Sugar skull tree Christmas  Hoodie
Sugar skull tree Christmas  LongSleeve
Sugar skull tree Christmas  Sweatshirt

Why should they be rewarded?!?! He’s the who should be rewarded for being brave & getting the information, information that should have shut them down & punished them Sugar skull tree Christmas shirt. This is a true whistleblower But the taped conversation was truth and wrong and about murder and body part sales. Although it was certainly wrong to do it. It was what they said that caused them great harm, the truth caused them harm. So this whistleblower actually got in trouble with first-hand knowledge of a democrat institution selling baby body parts but President Trump is getting impeached by 3rd hand hearsay hmm makes sense Causing more trauma, guilt, and shame to a woman is not the any woman needs. Those at the scenes of the riot are all spies for the rioters. They pretend to be normal civilians to have a go at the cops, preventing the police from dispersing the, so how can peace return to Hong Kong? Is this really the right way to ask for democracy? Please look at those who are less vocal, who only want peace in our society. We don’t go rioting and destroy everything insight; we just live peacefully in the quiet areas. All the reporters support the violence against the police, who are only doing their job and ignore the silent civilians. Please tap into your conscience, and look at the side of Hong Kong that is peaceful and silent, that supports the police.
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