Our political system has devolved into a gotcha atmosphere. The party with power is constantly attacked and the party out of power spends all it’s time planning and carrying out attacks. Who is actually doing the Substitute Nanny Mary Poppins shirt of our country? And so many think that Trump is ‘making America great again’ Instead he is preoccupied with the fallout of his lies, mafia-style shakedowns, extramarital affairs, collusion with fraudsters and con artists, resignations and dismissals of his cabinet and staff, early morning tweets, childish verbal insults directed at his critics and the press and generally putting out fires – all of his own making. The incompetent buffoon has to go.

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Claudio Ferri, you are already to indoctrinated with BS and propaganda to have a decent conversation. Sad, you are contributing to the Substitute Nanny Mary Poppins shirt of our republic and you do not even know it! Joe is on video admitting his involvement. Not just admitting, bragging and boasting about it even. What more do they need?! This is an attempted overthrow of our republic by the left and heads need to start rolling!

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Children screams , Mothers tears , youth power and ideas with every pine we felt we are going to change the Substitute Nanny Mary Poppins shirt if not for us for our sons and daughters if not for them for the grandsons who will stand there and sing many These people really are deranged they see the video of Joe Biden marking and making fun that he withheld government money until that man was fired.

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