Funny how this is crap and propaganda. She’s a makeup artist and if you look closely the lines don’t match the Stranger Christmas shirt of her face. There are far worst plastic surgeries in the US and UK that not even this can compare What a load of bullcrap! There are female doctors who are available. There needs to be awareness, campaigns, schools, colleges, universities and many other government initiatives that need to step in. Fewer adverts on cigarettes, food, and clothing more on health awareness! Culture does not tell you not to take care of your health. As for the name, surely it can be mentioned to female members of the family, female doctors and call it chest cancer if you have to!

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What a shame when they produce some of the Stranger Christmas shirt Doctors in the world. Perhaps they need to address the modesty as a public health issue and reassure women to speak out loud about it.I guess that does not register for you. I’m sure you have done the same then. Also, why did you need to feel to expand on the question to women inside the US all of a sudden? Bc, I can go on and on about fundraising, activism both here and there but I feel zero need to attempt to prove myself to someone who’s mind seems made up.

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That’s some level of stupidity. Pakistan is not the Stranger Christmas shirt East neither we share culture. I’m sure you cannot point to Pakistan on a map. How many bloody times we have to teach this to these stupid Americans. Either you are that dumb or your Geography books are flawed. It is like someone who spent time in Brazil or Mexico and then makes an opinion on American culture.

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