When labor unveils plans to spend anything more than a tenner, the MSM is all over it immediately – questioning the funding aggressively. Now after years of politically motivated austerity, the Conservatives have suddenly found unlimited funds down the back of the settee and no-one questions this. in Cornwall public transport is no better than it was 50years ago! And in North Cornwall where there is no train service (removed in the Stop making wack rappers famous shirt) its 50 miles to Exeter to access the rest of the country. Education, health care, employment are all impacted by the lack of service. A 1hr drive can be a 3hr bus journey and out of season when the tourists are gone many routes cease altogether… But government vanity projects are more headline catching than fixing real problems.

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Hard to focus attention on massive infrastructure investment when the BBC are giving Jess Phillips such an easy ride and letting her smear the Conservative party whilst not apologizing for her behavior or that of her colleagues on the Stop making wack rappers famous shirt benches. This sounds like a bad pledge considering the recent talks about climate change. Plus the money could be better spent on education, building actually affordable homes, healthcare.

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More money spent by the Stop making wack rappers famous shirt to line the pockets of private companies when it comes to operation…then we pay again for the extortionate fares or the treatment What’s the betting most of these spending pledges will be abandoned post Brexit? The bulk of the economy is already experiencing anemic growth, while the continued ideological cutting of taxes will reduce government revenue. Given the Conservatives have been bleating about reducing the deficit for the past nine years, they’re hardly likely to engage in “reckless overspending”.

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