She still is trying to steal the Star Wars Bunch Of Jedi Shirt  and 2020 presidential election from us and Trump with this hoax impeachment of the do nothing for us dems. Yes, Hillary, because that is how presidential elections have always been in this country. The person with the most electoral votes wins. Glad to see you are finally understanding that very basic part of our government. And thank God for the tremendous for knowledge of our founding fathers in implementing the electoral college because otherwise New York and California would decide the Presidency.

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Such a snide remark by a person who cannot accept she was defeated. The American people do not trust or like this woman. She should enjoy her family and enjoy being a grandparent. She is aggravating. Well, yea honey the Star Wars Bunch Of Jedi Shirt  college is there to keep someone from winning the election because of California and New York. Our founding fathers were smart men.

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Yes, it comes down to the Star Wars Bunch Of Jedi Shirt  College which gives each state a valid say in regards to who will serve as President of these United States. Something, Hillary will never know of, thank God. If your party understood the system of the electoral college, they would know how to campaign. One needs to campaign more in places your party doesn’t already have in its pocket. President Trump understood it and the Constitution. Shrewd looking woman and as crooked as they come. The entire world knows that she pulled the wool over her own party’s eyes with her lying and destroying of evidence and then she couldn’t recall one detail.

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