Can’t wait Barr starts arresting people for trying to overthrow our elected president. Change this news cycle. Just stupid everyone knows not going to happen Prayers for the Sport in Philadelphia shirt and the family. Lord, keep them strong and safe from harm. Bless them all as they go forward. In Jesus’ name, Amen What he should have said was, “I’m a crazy old socialist, who happens to be a millionaire, but don’t pay attention to that and do what I say. I love tapioca pudding and prune juice to keep me regular. “

Sport in Philadelphia shirt

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Oh really than where’s my check? Yeah I’m not paid by anybody dummy lol I have no ties to any political party and I do not support anyone. So how does that fit into your Russian troll theory? Stop embarrassing yourself have some dignity You tried to troll and you failed several times now. You are nothing but a sad pathetic little man with no life, dignity or class. You’re obsessed with President Trump and Russians you should seek help for that, along with the Sport in Philadelphia shirt disability I previously mentioned. Nobody is laughing with you,everybody is laughing at you because you are so pathetic.

Sport in Philadelphia tank top

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I can’t speak for all businesses, but as a stockholder in a company I used to work for, The Sport in Philadelphia shirt I still get ballots to vote on board members. I also get a ballot to vote on board members of a credit union that I’m a member of. He has never had to run a company or make payroll. Go without so your employees can get paid. He knows nothing about Business. What he does know is how to spend your money!

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