The tax code is written by greedy politicians, employees can own any corporation they want, just buy the Sport in Houston City shirt It’s an open market anyone can buy it. As far as killing competition, the government has to approve all these mergers, again it’s the greedy politicians who are causing this problem, place the blame where it belongs, with the greedy politicians. Corporations don’t make tax code. Perhaps he meant to say “greedy politicians have rigged the tax code, and corporations and others have taken advantage of it”. How’re them houses, Bernie?

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A stage is full of people who have made their wealth off the stupid people who elect them, telling their supporters that’s it’s wrong to be rich. So they will share other people’s money, but not their own, so everyone shares equal misery. Wasn’t Bernie in a movie from the ’Sport in Houston City shirt? Something about a guy who dies but his friends try to convince everyone he is still alive.

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So let’s put them all out of business Bernie! That’ll teach ’em! No one will have jobs anymore, but who cares about that. Everyone can be on welfare until all the money runs out. If Bernie gets his way there will be no competition since the Sport in Houston City shirt will control all means of production. Minimum wages will be meaningless because again the government will control wages and the value of the currency. There would be little or no incentives for developing new and improved technology. His programs would do little except eliminate individual freedoms

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