The Sport in Chicago City shirt also run companies that created innovative new products and services Americans use every day, provided a standard of living for millions of employees, and paid millions in corporate and personal income taxes which Bernie needs to hand out his freebies… But who’s counting?

Sport in Chicago City shirt

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Why should someone who has no financial investment in the company, no liability for the Sport in Chicago City shirt, etc. have any say in how the company is run? If it is a publicly run company, and the workers want to say, they can purchase stocks just like everyone else. However, the people who have a financial investment in the company should be the ones who determine board membership Get investors to pull out their investments and move them overseas to places like China that don’t have such restrictions.

Sport in Chicago City tank top

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So in Bernie’s mind, American corporations should never make money for the many stockholders who actually own the Sport in Chicago City shirt. He dismisses the fact that many workers’ retirements & pensions are actually invested in these very corporations that he wants to take over. Says a man that never held a job and collected food stamps and now jets across the country and has millions in the bank and took a 500.000 dollar pay of from the Clintons to back off the last election.

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