If sanctions can be put on countries and their assets frozen more or less overnight at a president’s whim they can be enforced on countries not following healthy practices when it comes to climate change. If countries do this it all may come together eventually. Even though the  authorities have sent out a message about this. Most fires are started by humans by mistake or deliberately.

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Once upon a time, the Snoopy And Woodstock Kiss Me I’m Irish Shirt thought Iran was a very well organized and competent entity. Then came a serious test to the systems, and everything dramatically crumbled Any competent Government would have grounded all non-military flights after they launched their attack in case of retaliation. They can sit there and hold what likely will be a kangaroo court against the soldiers that fired the missile but the real person’s responsible those in high places that made the reckless decision despite Iran being at its highest threat level to keep its airspace open they will escape justice.USA and these Europeans acted smart and actually blew the whistle b4 the game was even 30minutes you breached the deal cox all of you know the rules don’t act like u didn’t see this coming if you fell out on your commitments what do you expect in return tym for blame games is out Iranians shoot down their own passenger airline and then expected to be trusted with nuclear weapons.I say competent Government because these mistakes shouldn’t happen in this digital age there are enough examples with the Snoopy And Woodstock Kiss Me I’m Irish Shirt recent Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 flying through a war zone that people that make these decisions should know better it’s inexcusable. not necessarily close the air space but work withe aviation authority to have a schedule of all flights. In fact, get personnel at the airport that relays details of incoming and outgoing flights minutes ahead.

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