Do any of the Samurai hunting shirt against pulling out has, or ever had a son or daughter serving? Do they ever think of the families that have lost loved ones in the Afghanistan war that has lasted over 20 years? I am not sure I understand the reasoning behind their criticism of the President. I know how much Romney and Rubio dislike him, but I thought Graham was in his corner. We train and train other countries to fight for themselves, and pump money into it, so tell us when is a good time to cut the strings. It is not like we cannot come to help if needed.

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If the Samurai hunting shirt keep his promise to bring home our soldier,please give our friend the weapon they need to defend themselves against to those want to slave theme ,they are the bravest people I know even a young woman or a child are fighting the evil isis to protect the civilian,they lost too much, lots of men women and child to fight for all of us, help them in any way we can, We have absolutely no business involved in Syria’s civil war. None. Stop sending our troops to fight in wars in the middle east that has nothing to do with defending the US. Instead, defend our own border instead of others.

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It funny all the Samurai hunting shirt that voted in Obama because he said we will pull out which he didn’t. You now want to stay forever and fight an endless war he said he was going to bring them back we’ll SOB he did it. Finally a president with common sense. He is correct. These wars are tribal wars and have been going for years. What did the US gain?

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