Do what I used to do if I forgot my lunch or my lunch money…ask friends for food from their lunches. This isn’t a starvation issue! You should be outraged at the Samurai Chauffeur Shirt on free/reduced lunch who show up each morning with a Starbucks! And yes…it happens quite a lot!
Just as an education point.

Samurai Chauffeur Shirt

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When a child is running low on funds, an email is generated and sent to the parent each day. The Samurai Chauffeur Shirt is also told when getting their food, that the account is running low. How do I know this? My friend works in food services at our local middle/high schools. Many parents have cut their kids off and told them to start making lunch at home because they were buying Gatorade and pop tarts each day! Nobody wants kids to go hungry, but it creates other problems. California’s tyranny of taxes and absurd laws have forced many to leave. The school system is a mess. The middle class is being forced out. So is this a surprise?

Samurai Chauffeur tank top

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I put a set amount in my daughter’s account for emergency days. I buy food for lunches and it’s been her responsibility since she was in 3rd grade to make her lunch. Because I realize there are “those days”, I did extend grace and put money on her account. If she blows through it, she knows the Samurai Chauffeur Shirt way she gets more added is if she pays for it! This is called teaching people to be responsible.

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