Well, I don’t like to see China get humiliated but this episode is actually interesting. It reflects the confliction of value & profit between the US and China. I don’t think anyone in the US/China can laugh at this from their hearts. The Ronaldo and Messi champions shirt  US has its drug problem and China has its tight censorship. Both sides need to rethink themselves. Hollywood should stop catering to China anyways. Censorship for a couple of mils? Screw that. Ever since they’ve been attempting to break the market, quality has gone downhill. People have been saying Marvel Studios is the reason for films getting bad, it’s the pandering to China and foreign markets which is to blame.

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Hollywood filmmakers shouldn’t be forced to dumb down their features to draw millions from a market just because sensibilities are different. Hollywood should just invest in a separate industry that caters to those markets. Randy is being stupid not bribing the Ronaldo and Messi champions shirt camp guards to get out or get better treatment. Bribe wrapped in nice little red envelop still works wonder in China In a mental hospital, a mad man took a knife and started chasing after the senior doctor. The terrified doctor ran until he reached the dead-end where there was nowhere to escape and stopped. The mad man came closer to the doctor, gave him the knife and said ‘Now take it, it’s your turn to chase me’. The senior doctor fainted

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