Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas SweaterLet’s say President Obama is on a call with Netanyahu before the 2016 election and tells the Israeli prime minister “I know you’re citizens are under attack and dying, but we’re holding up your military aid package and the shipment of Patriot missiles because I need a favor. I need you to publicly acknowledge you have damming intelligence on Trump and then endorse Hillary for president. Do that for me and I’ll release the Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas Sweater to you.” And that would be OK because it’s done all the time? Allan Connie Burns.

Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas Sweater

Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas Sweater hoodie tank top and shirt

Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas hoodie


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Then the Dems are planning to steal the money to pay for this fiasco from the Social security fund! Time to impeach Congress! Many people on Social security live below the poverty level! The Dems have been using this fund for slush fund since LBJ paid off the Vietnam war. It is time to stop enslaving the elderly that worked their lives paying into this fund, into complete poverty!! Call Pelosi’s office and call your Congressman and Senators office and jam their lines! This is unfair to the Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas Sweater that can’t make ends meet as it is! Protect and demand Congress pay back every cent it has stolen from us all!

Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas ladies tee

ladies tee

Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas tank top

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Trump is an illegitimate president who cheated his way into office with the Rolling Stones Ugly Christmas Sweater of a hostile foreign power, for whom he’d been money-laundering for decades through his real estate businesses. Trump is a liar, cheat, sexual predator, con man, racketeer. traitor, and the most criminally corrupt president in American history, which is why most Americans oppose him and his entire corrupt and treasonous Trump/ GOP regime, most of whom have taken $ millions in campaign money from Russians.

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