It is a shameful thing happened but it is history and can’t be changed. It can be re-written to reflect those abuses others suffered at the hands of the Ricks Kiss rocks shirt. But it was not seen as such originally in this country. The headline “Britain apologizes for Maori killings by Captain Cook’s crew” yet the article says “Other Maori rights advocates have been critical of the low-key ceremony, which stopped short of an apology.”

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Can somebody explain what something that happened 250 years ago has got to do with Britain as it is today? We’re generations away from anybody even close to being connected to the Ricks Kiss rocks shirt, it’s ridiculous. Because if we start owning up to and apologizing for past injustices, it makes it easier to quash current injustices like those happening in Brazil, Palestine, South East Asia, India, Australia, the US, etc, etc. I wonder how many more times Britain has to apologize now for all that they did to the world – right from killing native Indians in the 1600s to killing innocents in Amritsar in the 1900s (Jallianwala Bagh).

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What a load of rubbish, we are not responsible for the Ricks Kiss rocks shirt of previous generations especially so when they occurred over a century beforehand. Likewise, later generations of those who have wronged us are not responsible for the sins of previous generations. I live in Wyoming and our small community hospital was hit by ransomware 2 weeks ago. We live 2.5 hours from other towns our size and we had to send patients to 3 or 4 different hospitals all more than an hour and a half away. We are just getting back online. Feds, homeland security, DCI all came to work on the problem. These people are wretched.

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