Has he taken a look around our country? Democrats have ruined ALL of our major cities. I’m glad to support the Rick Fuck You Love You Shirt party and I stand with President Trump!I listened to a military press conference yesterday that stated unequivocally that we are not leaving Syria, we are still there and are making sure that no ISIS prisoners are getting out. Maybe confirm your facts Mr. Schumer, it seems you didn’t.

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The Turks bombed the surroundings of the Rick Fuck You Love You Shirt prisons and camps as a sign that the Kurds are being attacked. So isis camps and prisons are rioting and some have already escaped gave the green light to Turks and now they’re watching how Kurds being slaughtered, maybe this doesn’t matter to you but escaping ISIS fighters matter! What happens to “bring them home” and “never-ending war” lies? The troops sent to Saudi Arabia, one of the greatest democracies in the world that has fought shoulder to shoulder with the US forces for centuries, and they prevented 9/11. So pathetic!

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It amazes me how all of a sudden these “anti-war” Democrat’s have become “pro-war” all of a sudden. Just more proof that the Rick Fuck You Love You Shirt just oppose everything and anything Trump supports. Now, more than ever we need terms limits to get scumbags like Chuck Schumer out of Congress and restore American prosperity! Trump has done more for our country in 3 years than you will ever do in your lifetime Chuck Schumer so do us all a favor and shut up and go step on a lego barefooted.

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