What a waste of time! They will say what they’re going to give you for free! But they won’t tell you what they will confiscate from you, Your Money, Religion, Guns, and Freedom with all their Trillions in Taxes. Remember playing the “Newhart Game”? Had to take a drink every time someone on the show said, “Bob”? Imagine how loaded you can get if you played the “Trump Game” watching the Post Malone Christmas Tree Shirt debate. They can’t keep his name out of their mouths, so it’s a good bet you will kill a 12 pack or a full pint by the end of the show.

Post Malone Christmas Tree Shirt

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Post Malone Christmas Tree hoodie


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Tonight you will hear spend spend. Yet you will not hear a word about the elephant hanging over us.The national debt is over 23 Trillion dollars. Sooner or later it will catch up with us. What plan will they have to get us out from under the burden. I bet no questions will be brought up. This is all you need to know about the Post Malone Christmas Tree Shirt tonight. There will be no American flags. They don’t even hide that they’re not representing Americans. Further, they will make promises that they have no way to keep. They will promise free housing, free school, free medical, with no way to pay for it except raising our taxes.

Post Malone Christmas Tree tank top

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I was going to have a drinking game forever key word said…decided upon ahead, but I don’t want to drink too much and not feel well in the Post Malone Christmas Tree Shirt! I’ll be high enough on ladders tomorrow!Wow, twelve blow hards on stage at the same time!! Wonder if the best liar will win? Will it be Bernie, because he’s never lied, or will it be corrupt Biden or maybe it will be the “Indian” fired because she was pregnant.

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