Of all the things you could spend £20 billion on and they pick a luxury like broadband! Nothing for the Pool Chick shirt or free meals for school kids! And don’t get me started on the economic stupidity of paying a lump sum for something and totally removing the income stream it generates. Moronic idea! Gosh, all the people on here asking where the money is coming from…are you all enjoying austerity? Do you remember the times before it?

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Free because the money is coming from all the Pool Chick shirt jobs and industry that they are creating when you look at the facts labour have a decent plan, better then the usual crap the torys do every election tax breaks for millionaires And you’ll get a free Parker pen too!John McDonnell seems a decent man who would make a good Labour leader in my view. I wouldn’t vote Labour because of the debt they create. How are they going to get money off Amazon etc I’d really lol to know exactly! Don’t start me on their politics on inheritance tax grossly unfair and if you own a second property you might as well burn it down if labour gets in.

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Bulshit, big corporations would never let you do that. If you really wanna make people’s life easier then invest money to NHS, policing etc. When did anyone make any complaint about not having internet? Talk about the Pool Chick shirt stuff dude. Everything will be free for four years under a Labour Government then you’ll have to pay double after that as we will be in so much debt they ha e also promised a 4 day week more like no day week as businesses will have mall either fled the country or gone bust through taxation.

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