I’d love to know where they are getting all this money from. (Maybe they have left Diane Abbott in charge of the calculator) They are saying what people want to hear. They think people won’t see beyond the headlines. A 4 day week? – people cant manage on a 6 day week, so how will they cope with that, Free broadband, will be the old dial-up system, you want anything better you have to pay. The other idea is once everyone gets free broadband, they can get a smart TV, so the unemployment office staff are made redundant as its all online. What about the elderly? The homeless? The Veterans? Immigration? Health Service? Stop making promises you are going to struggle to keep and start making them you can. Remember folks who sold off the Played some body shirt Gold Reserves. It doesn’t matter who gets in they will feather their nests first.

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Can I have my universal basic income too? It’ll be utopia! I won’t have to work, can watch YouTube all day, get my subsidized state-owned power, water, rail travel! Sounds like everything will be free if they get in, but where do they think the money will come from. Ah yes taxing the Played some body shirt and businesses at the top out of existence and taking the inheritance you were going to leave the children and grandchildren. It’ll end up with no big companies, no entrepreneurs, no jobs for people here.

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Our first exciting commitment is that we will charge the Played some body shirt for breathing the air, using specially adapted CCTV to spot them. This will be paid for by privatizing the Moon and charging people for looking at it. Who is scripting this its comedy gold? Are they really saying the “state” will own and control the Internet apart from the cost this is total nonsense?

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