I do not have the Pittsburgh Steelers Joker Poker Shirt that you have but there’s literally nothing I can do about that because I am not as old as what you are but that doesn’t mean I’m naive, the world changes every single day and it inevitably be seen different by everyone when they reach middle age because it will have changed, I feel like the choice of leaving the EU will affect young people more because they lack the experience of what the older generations have.

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I’m not here to people off but all I see on posts about young people are people slating us and saying we are incapable of doing anything for ourselves completely forgetting that they were probably in that position when they were young and it really gets on my t*ts and I will defend myself and other young people! WayneLinley is a great example so thanks for the Pittsburgh Steelers Joker Poker Shirt but useless comment.

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Because it was probably more difficult back then to access things such as computers but time has moved on and so has technology so it has made it easier for us to access everything but it doesn’t mean it’s any easier for us to do things Just going to throw out the Pittsburgh Steelers Joker Poker Shirt that we’ve all gone to war in the past because we couldn’t agree on political issues. War is definitely wrong and should be avoided. The difference here is real positions of power! Money speaks. These young people will soon take over and they will become the same.

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