I’d just like to think this country is better off with it than without thru the years. I just said it helps with some morals and values in society. There are definitely problems in the church with the Pink Floyd guitarist signature shirt and such. You know how much the Chinese government restricts religion practices in China and was not open to accepting a little of religion freedom until recently. Do you know what is happening to minority Muslims there?

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The claim that “ religion “ is only responsible for the bloodshed is wrong and atheist governments had killed millions around the Pink Floyd guitarist signature shirt so far. Hitler himself was an atheist who started a war that killed more than 60 million people. I’m not saying that religion is perfect but we have to acknowledge that bloodshed happen everywhere religion and non religion you’re proving my point about religion, you just told me to look at other Bibles which proves that the Bible is man-made, man written and is completely not trust worthy due to the many different stories they tell. For your information, the old testament is considered the first Bible, it talks about women being submissive. So if the old testament is considered the first Bible, who is anyone to rewrite it?

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I bet thousands. And I didn’t witness every incident but there are actual cases of it happening today and have been for centuries I’m sure. I was 17 in the Pink Floyd guitarist signature shirt Corps they found a cyst in my brain. It gives me a lot of time to think about things. But thankfully growing up in church and parenting taught me pretty good values and morals let still stay with me today. I won’t go into anymore because I don’t want to offend anybody and I love that people have a religion or that have some type of spirituality…ps the cyst was no big deal, but they general discharged me after 8 months 25 days in Bootcamp. I had rebutted 3 times but was fighting a battle I couldn’t win.

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