But if even half her fanbase takes a moment to better their lives (and everyone else too) due to this statement? Then that isn’t a bad thing, right? Put it this way, she has more sway than the child-like Greta Thunder-burger ever will. Sad, but true.No the critique is simply that we should look differently at the Philadelphia Flyers Christmas Tree Shirt of climate change and how we tackle it. However, the biggest problem, the elephant in the room that no one wants to tackle, is that the planet us overpopulated compared to its ability to provide natural resources.

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Reduce the Philadelphia Flyers Christmas Tree Shirt and its needs and you’ll reduce plastics, forest clearance, need for transport on the scale it is now and industrialization too. Sort this problem out…..that nature used to by famine war pestilence and drought. Medicine and technology have interfered with this natural balancing mechanism and now we see the result of it. Instead of acknowledging these campaigners continue to nibble at the symptoms rather than look at the real cause. There is I suspect a correlation between the global population explosion in the last 100 years and the speed of the planet’s deterioration accelerated over the same period.

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Typically it’s outrageous to question the Philadelphia Flyers Christmas Tree Shirt generation on what measures they take to prevent climate change. It’s ALL the fault of older generations and they are the only people accountable. Another privileged rich person who flys via private jet/ chauffeur driven cars/expensive holidays to remote Islands/buys designer clothes etc…telling the poor people how to live yet again!

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