It’s amazing how their story says that Americans went inbuilt something up and as soon as we left there was chaos and they started destroying things again. We get invited back, build things up again, leave and they destroyed things again. now the Iraqi government wants us to leave, I think we should leave and not go back. How much US money and lives have been wasted to train the Penguin Sarcasm And Attitude So Much Cheaper Than Therapy And Bail Money Shirt Iraqis and support anti-terrorism in the Middle East? This comment is spot on, one rule for us and another for them yet they do less damage than us. Our leaders are destroying our world and the rest of us are going to suffer the most. Thought leaders were ment to be smart. I’d say best to describe our actions is monstrous, not being animals as comparing humans to the rest of the animal kingdom now is a major insult to the many innocent creatures we harm. The animals are defenseless and didnt ask to be shipped to Australia.

Penguin Sarcasm And Attitude So Much Cheaper Than Therapy And Bail Money Shirt

Where have they been until now in controlling them.? As usual, a huge cull is the easy option. Camels don’t belong in Australia. Their numbers need to drop for the sake of the native wildlife. It matters not how they got to Australia. What does matter is how they’re negatively impacting the ecosystem. So Australia are losing animals due to the  fires need donations to rescue as many as possible, yet they are killing camels because they need water. They are feral animals here in Australia and will end up dying slowly of starvation and thirst if they aren’t shot, while also destroying further the already fire-ravaged land here. These culls are not new, nor are they something unique to Australia, as culling is a typical practice worldwide for invasive species if you care at all about protecting biodiversity. If someone somewhere wanted to pay to take them in Australia would love that.

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    Appaulling quality and shocking customer service. Been trying to return. Reported to trading standard

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    Cool kit, fast service and delivery, will use again and would recommend.

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