She is still in office and dont forget The Patriots Don’t Cry For Dead Terrorists Shirt most cop brutality cases too spent christmas. Debating politics with the inlaws dumbest at the dinner table i usually try not to. Speak my mind on politics or religion this was a hot topic california vs texas i am. From texas amd god blessed texas we need help in california half of us if nor more. For not support the left voter fraud is rampant it is actually in the public domain that california.

Patriots Don’t Cry For Dead Terrorists Shirts

Is most stain part of the nationits interesting that you are also noting that mr presidentthe. Governor perhaps have an egocentric mindset please go for a rescue mission im no fan. Of pelosi but shes in the house of representatives which is charged with passing federal legislation. What exactly could she really do to combat homelessness in her district through federal legislation california needs deep cleaning drains. All the swamp in california i dont think nancy would be much help newsome is about to be recalledliving in.California is really hard except many of us know these horrible leaders will be gone soon The Patriots Don’t Cry For Dead Terrorists Shirt homeless problem here. Will require mental institutions and not low cost housing we are also the largest economy in. The nation th largest in the world and contribute the most in job creation and tax. Revenue so instead of being divisive with california just because you dont get along personally or professionally with. Some of its politicians why dont you work with the state to help with the solution a strong leader fosters.

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