I have sympathy for this situtation but The Parrots Birds Shirt structure of this piece is delibrately emotive and partisan the. Bbc needs to stick to factual reporting rather than try to frame a story to reflect the reporters. Point of view will we get a similar article shaming those islamic countries that are forcing nonmuslims to seek. Shelter in india our country our rules the job of is bbc cultivating islamic chaos. Everywhere and was the pioneer changing religion as political religious ideology in the world caa gives citizenship not to.

Parrots Birds Shirt

Take it away so why mislead people by putting wrong heading india ismost disgusting country and. Discrimination country with minority its okay all of you accordingly shes a mother and proud of her little off. Topic did anyone else think that was an old picture of robin williams bbc as usual with its presstitute. Agenda muslims are a problem everywhere except china and japan they know how to handle. Them in canada we have a card we have to show to prove we are native even to show that.

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