Hilarious how bias this whole thing is. No extra concerns yet to do with what Joe Biden might actually have done wrong and what the investigation suggestion was based on. If previous presidents had expressed concerns with future candidates and suggested investigation, the focus would all have been on what the Paradise Summer Vintage shirt may have indeed done wrong and risks associated with them being elected. Imagine the previous president requested an early investigation on Trump and Russia, would Obama have been up for impeachment? Investigations aka safety checks here should automatically be done on all candidates for the president no matter which party they fall under.

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Where were the checks and double-checks? Consents to the procedure? Timeout board so everyone in the Paradise Summer Vintage shirt room knew what was being performed? Were the other surgical staff in the room actually oblivious to what was happening? Why did they not report him? He’s been well documented for having issues for about four decades now. Why wasn’t his license ever taken away before this started happening in 2014?

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Unfortunately, many gynecologists have unnecessarily convinced most women of color to have unnecessary procedures that stop them from further conceiving! Look it up! It’s not just him! and those c-sections! Just when you think they can’t get more disgusting, some idiots figure out new and different ways to be the Paradise Summer Vintage shirt humans on the planet. Absolutely awful. Our patients come to us and trust is paramount. We do everything possible to earn trust and make our patients feel comfortable and safe while showing compassion and respect. Trust means everything to us.

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