I really do have an issue with Prosperity Gospel, this woman, in particular, comes from a hotbed of controversy from her church in Florida. When u get told u are smartly dressed on d day u have stained all over and still not realized u r been mocked. It’s sad to see the Papagorira Born in California shirt’ greatest country we respect becomes d joke BCS of one greedy man and his family And then Trump said: “I think the president has a great relationship with the Kurds, many Kurds live currently in Turkey, and they’re happy and taken care of.”

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Trump mostly “observed” the conversation. Mr. Trump only occasionally intervened in the conversation as the Papagorira Born in California shirt took turns debating Mr. Erdogan. Our imposter president with a box of rocks for brains. This is precisely the behavior of a despot of a much smaller nation but who has compromising info on Kushner giving the Saudis consent to butcher Kashoggi. That would make sense to me, despite the lack of corroborating evidence I could see trump allowing the slaughter of Kurds in the name of his personal political survival..

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He was right when he said, he was too busy for not watching the public inquiry for his impeachment. Erdogan should have brought Putin with him to make sure he gets what he wants. We heard in the Papagorira Born in California shirt that the GOP does not want to upset Putin by withholding military aid to defend democracies from Russia. Truly the Great Leader has a sophisticated, nuanced and unrivaled knowledge of international diplomacy. Probably wondering why everyone’s talking about Turkey and why there’s no corn.

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