There is nothing to be sorry about. I have a wonderful life thanks to my dad who is now the most amazing grandpa. You stated that young kids need their mothers, and that is not always the OSU Cowboys shirt. To use such a blanket statement and then say you know unfit mothers doesn’t make a lot of sense. Do you dare say you know their situation? She had custody until July 2019, she most likely didn’t even know he had full custody. What in the world do you think would make a mother run?

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They don’t need them if they are being abused by them. In those instances, they need to be protected from them. It all depends on the OSU Cowboys shirt. A child needs love, understanding, nurturing, stability and security it doesn’t matter if it is from a mom, dad, aunt, uncle grandma, grandpa, foster family or adoptive family. It is the ideal situation when it is from a mother or father who loves them. It’s an even more ideal situation when it’s from both parents. The best years of my life were those years my mother was not part of it.

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I don’t know their situation, but neither do you. My mother often talked about taking me away during the OSU Cowboys shirt battle and even afterward. My only complaint is simply that the comment was made that a young child needs their mother. Not all mothers are good and deserve their children. I would have made the same case(without the personal history) if the comment were all kids need their dads.

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