Another theatrical performance coming! She’s mad because she got canned! That’s what happens when a new president is elected! He’s entitled to ambassadors he wants! Stop whining! Watch for the Orlando Fly fultz fly shirt! Didn’t she stop working there like 4 months before the phone call? So I guess she’s a “witness” bc a friend of a friend told her something? I hope they expose her part in the ongoing coup attempt. Presenting Ukraine with a do not prosecute list protecting foreign agents that were providing false info.

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IIRC she was not just recalled, I think she was fired. Either way, she was out of the picture before the Orlando Fly fultz fly shirt 25 phone call and all the other stuff. Her defenders think it’s unfair that she was let go. She didn’t get the memo that Ambassadors can be recalled for any reason including no reason at all. She is accused of doing some pretty shady things that would be unbecoming for an Ambassador who is supposed to be representing the USA and taking marching orders from the President. She will be the Democrats drama queen watch the tears flow Tomorrow she will be the pitty me and believe me, witness, I would bet money on it because the Democrats have nothing else.

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I wonder what Democrats plan to do after this colossal failure. They should be doing the Orlando Fly fultz fly shirt they are paying for but we know that’s it gonna happen. This is all part of their resistance plan that started as soon as President Trump was elected. But if the GOP had stood up against them right away they wouldn’t still be going from lie to lie trying to impeach our President!

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