For an administration with nothing to hide, they aren’t exactly being forthcoming, are they? I guess that’s the way an innocent, transparent, stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom handles these situations. Sheila Egerton What you think is fair and whether you think Mark is pompous, are beside the Official Torybusters shirt point. This is an inquiry: an investigation, the trial (reminding you that impeachment is a political process, not a judicial process) is where Trump gets to defend himself. That’s simply not true, whether in this case or any other under the law. You have due process rights at any critical stage of a legal proceeding. As far as impeachment goes, everyone that’s happened up until now has been preceded by a vote in the House.

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Sheila Egerton the House has to keep this part of the process private because it’s an investigation and they wouldn’t want their witnesses to be influenced by each other’s testimonies. There will be public hearings before impeachment is finalized in the Official Torybusters shirt House and during the trial in the Senate. Richard Farris, you are making an argument based on precedent. It doesn’t change the FACT that there is NO LAW stating the House must hold a full vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry before they proceed with one. Article I gives the House “sole Power of Impeachment” and the right to “determine the Rules of its Proceedings.” It does not place any limits on power. Sorry, you are very wrong on all levels!

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