The only way the Official The Joker face shirt have a snowballs chance to win the Presidential election is to impeach Trump, leaving no time for a Republican candidate to campaign against these piranhas. Too many people are too stupid to see the waste of our money being spent on this charade! They don’t see, or maybe they don’t care, that there are real issues that need to be handled and revised for the health, wealth and welfare of the citizens.I’m sure President Trump is scared to lose a job which he makes no money and given nothing but a hard time by people who no other agenda but hate. Let’s work together not against.

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Lots of people of your party move to vote to President Trump for what your party did try to destroy him. How can your people lose respect to President Trump as the Official The Joker face shirt of American land? Nobody did to Obama when he was the leader of the country even if he didn’t do a good job of his administration. I just wish you democrats respect each other so your children will follow your footsteps as a good model to society.

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If that is true, why are the Official The Joker face shirt trying to get rid of him before the election? Please dont make the argument it has anything to do with ethics because that would be laughable. Or maybe we need prayerful consideration from the church of socialism ala Nancy. If what Joe says is true, why would you not put your efforts in the upcoming election? Fair, no cheating, that is blaming a loss on foreign interference when it turned out you were the very ones doing it.

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