One question is producing a normal act answer yes so why the hell are the courts involved this is parliament business so it shouldn’t matter in what all these justices say So in essence then the Official Samurai Print have given a majority verdict which has to be taken notice off? Hmmm, remind me the result three years ago when a majority decision is still being ignored. If Boris has done anything wrong, it’s probably because he’s trying his hardest to get Brexit done, whilst a Remain Parliament is trying its hardest to stop it.

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Still, want to know how anyone knows what he said to the Official Samurai Print when the only 2 people in the room didn’t say anything utter rubbish again from the reminders This comment may not be important to most people here. Some of you will ignore it, most will not bother to read and will go unnoticed along with other comments, or maybe I will be criticized, but I want you to know that I have potatoes for sale.

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It is not about Brexit. It is about parliamentary democracy. Which preceded you and I and Brexit and will hopefully supersede it. It was about an unelected, in his own words, PM trying to circumvent Parliament. It has though, that’s like saying the last 2 weeks didn’t happen and saying we are back on the Official Samurai Print September. We aren’t. We are over 2 weeks on. The effect on the fundamentals of our democracy was extreme”. Aye right, will there be no extreme effect on the fundamentals of our democracy caused by the failure to enact the will of the people and to leave the EU? The positive to all of this is we won’t hear any more utter crap from the LieBoor Conference anymore.

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