Hats of to Khadiza for breaking the Official RingTrager Surier shirt custom. Undoubtedly, she is brave and smart. We need a change which she has already started doing things in BD. I never understood this tradition, our prophets wife, Khadija (may Allah subhanotala be pleased with her), proposed to the prophet(may Allah subhanotala be pleased with him). Khadija was a buisness woman and for long supported her husband. That was one thousand four hundred years ago. So where did this tradition come from in Muslim society that only the man can propose the woman..?!

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We should respect their decision. But One should respect the Official RingTrager Surier shirt and culture of the society where he/she lives. It is not mandatory but it is norms. When the culture and norms of a society begin breaking down; it creates nothing better . Women empowerment is not related to the way how they married. It is more than these types of ridiculous decision.

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How come it be called equality? When both come to a common venue and get their marriage registered to deny any kind of religious tradition, it’s called equality and fighting against society. She has got the Official RingTrager Surier shirt of equality and fights against ill tradition all wrong. Fantastic..well done to her & them as a couple..but BBC…why did you feel the need to add in a completely different story highlighting men abusing women” will still happen”.. Get a grip don’t highlight it as a “norm” & don’t try to cover over what great thing just happened here!

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