I breastfed my son in nice low lit restaurants. Always ask for a back booth. For MY privacy not because I thought I would offend anyone. When out shopping in malls I was offered nice dressing rooms with a comfortable chair by sales ladies. That was 30 years ago. I am appalled at the Official Eggplant Hung like Epstein shirt towards nursing mothers today. Is that what you people called USA dream world that’s a lie. It has no better condition for its citizens but rather wants to spend more money to promote war.

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Our society sucks. They are talking about not having a place to pump milk but even in many public places, there is nowhere to sit if you become weak and need to rest. In Europe, we give too many things for granted. Bless our Old Continent and may it inspire countries which greatness seems only to be determined by money and military power. Come to South Africa you’ll see how it sucks here, you can take six months maternity leave, without pay unless your working for big companies, the Official Eggplant Hung like Epstein shirt sector doesn’t help you, yes we have UIF you can claim, you only receive money after the baby is born that’s if your lucky with our useless system, I usually took my three weeks holiday as leave and I knew I would get a full month’s salary I know it’s impossible but I had to make it work it wasn’t easy for me or my husband.

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If you get paid leave when you have children I think you should get the same pay leave if you don’t have children. You’re not overpopulating the Official Eggplant Hung like Epstein shirt, your carbon footprint is smaller because you’re not adding to the population and you deserve the same benefits of time off they could call it mental health time. And I see people rushing to live in the US. Here in the UK, don’t only do women get paid 9 months maturity leave but men also get paid paternity 2 weeks leave. Plus you give birth free of charge along with all medication and painkillers. No debt hanging over your head for years giving birth.

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