I don’t believe in polls. Does not matter I know what I’m doing to do in 2020. and I don’t need anybody to tell me what I have to do or what I should do or why I should do it. I’m an independent person and make up my own mind from the New Balance Need Bucks Shirt that I see. You mean like the polls said how Hillary Clinton was winning as president Impeach Trump and the Democratic party will see how the people support Trump they will have a war on their hands.

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Fox News I don’t know where you or the New Balance Need Bucks Shirt networks get the poll results from, but I have an awful lot of friends .all over the country and none of us have been ever polled especially on Trump or Republican candidates issues. So as far as we’re concerned the polling data is BS because 98 percent of us actually have sided with Trump and no everyone’s a Republican. A vast majority of us think that 75 to 85 percent of Congress needs to be replaced. And the Squad should have been kicked out because they are racist and race batters and antisemitic.

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I was not polled, nor were any of my friends, and we all stand with Trump! He should not be impeached! This nonsense needs to stop. These Democrats are costing the America taxpayers a lot of money with all these witch hunts!I’m not sure the public’s opinion should matter in regards to impeaching a President. If the Dems are counting on popular opinion for their impeachment proceedings to succeed, do they really think to do the New Balance Need Bucks Shirt thing or are they playing politics and pandering for votes?

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