Previously the New Balance Need Beer shirt standards committee claimed the Conservative MP demonstrated “an over-casual attitude towards obeying the rules of the house”. given his failure to declare interests. Nice to see nothing’s changed. Andrew Marr was totally biased with his interview technique, always interrupting to disturb the flow of any answer the PM gave him. In contrast, when Angela Rayner (shadow education secretary) came on she was allowed to answer questions fully before Marr fired another easy prompt for her.

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Amazing how it suddenly appeared now. Scraping the barrel. Remain lost its accusations regarding the New Balance Need Beer shirt party. Now looking for another excuse to delay Brexit what a cheap shot. I’m sure there are plenty of skeletons in the Remain camp. Perhaps the papers could pursue them for a change. Marrs as always interrupted at every opportunity but when the labour lady came on, no interruptions whatsoever. And the Brussels Broadcasting Company say they’re not biased?

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Boris was saying that the New Balance Need Beer shirt comment was due to it being directed at him and personally, I think MPs should look at their own behavior (although death threats are never ok) then he interviewed an actress and pressed her on her opinions of Brexit, her expertise? she played the Queen. Ridiculous!!I was watching the papers last night on the news channel and they had Penny Smith on. Some serious front pages and they were giggling as if they were on something. Disgraceful behavior from people who pretend to be serious journalists. Get your act together BBC if you want to be considered a reliable news service

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