Poll folks outside your bubble and the New Balance Need Bass Shirt will be much different. More people support the President that you apparently care to know about! If this is even close to being true then we are already doomed. Then again more people nowadays make decisions based on emotion and not logic The problem with polling is that they don’t know exactly what citizen status of the person they ask and as a result they’re wrong. The person simply may have no right to vote.

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These polls show the New Balance Need Bass Shirt reaction to the first stories about the Ukraine non-scandal. Time will work against Democrats because the scandal’s starting to crack and people will move on. As we all saw during the 2016 election, these polls are bs!! Any fool who thinks our president deserves to be impeached deserves to live in a world governed by Democrats. Shove your polls! You can state all the polls you want. I don’t believe those numbers. We just went through almost three years of bs. For what? To find out what we knew in the beginning. I believe voters want their representatives in D.C. to do more than investigate and pass legislation that makes it “safe” for banks to do business with marijuana growers/sellers.

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None of the people I know have been polled in 2016 or now. So I don’t have any faith in your polls but I do have faith in we the New Balance Need Bass Shirt and we all know this is a hit job by the deep state and propagated by the mainstream media! They forgot about all people that are afraid to speak about supporting Trump, there are so many people that don’t want problems with friends and family, so they keep to themselves, about how they feel about what the Democrats are doing!

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