When the Tories find the My Patronus is a Groot shirt money tree…people somehow don’t question it?! Don’t believe a word the Tories say! The policing and NHS proposed investments, have already turned out to be a sham. as you well know, obviously, the roads network in this country hasn’t been touched since the Romans left. (Bloody immigrants, coming over here, improving our transport infrastructure!).

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That’s been the problem with the government for decades. They could have planned the North Sea oil money like Norway did but acted like it was payday and hit the town. It’s taken decades to decide on a third runway at Heathrow, in that time China built 50 airports. Governments only plan what gets them voted in, they don’t honor most of it as the My Patronus is a Groot shirt has such short memories. One thing they categorically do not do is a plan for the long term.

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The joy of a no-deal Brexit. Tariffs are a tax on everything you buy from outside the UK and go straight to the My Patronus is a Groot shirt. Looking at Tory spending plans gives you an idea of how much extra tax in the form of tariffs the people will be paying over the next ten years as a result of a no-deal Brexit. Best of all he gets to blame the EU for it all. So not only are we at the highest level of the national debt in recent history at nearly £2 trillion, Tory supporters use the deficit argument…yes deficit has come down.

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