Not doing war for themselves but for their friends such as Saudi Arabia king family Israel. Also Saudi Israel buys weapons from the USA and they use it to kills innocents in Yamen and Palestine respectively. So everyone is a terrorist here but powerful one always trying to prove themselves innocent. Finally it’s all about oil and if there are no oil in Middle East then very next day will withdraw all their soldiers. Ahmed they are killing terrorist it needs to be done. Nobody else would do it cause they’re too lazy but Trump actually knows what he is doing I don’t exactly like him but I stand for what he does as I think he is helping keep the My Governor Is An Idiot The Great Seal Of The State Of New York Shirt safe and he is helping UK as well and he is stopping evil sadists taking over. Don’t like the comments then leave it obvs not good for Facebook because Facebook is public so u will see comments on here u hate and that’s just life if u don’t like it don’t be on FB it’s obvs.

My Governor Is An Idiot The Great Seal Of The State Of New York Shirt

Not the right place for u. The modern world should not concern itself with war. If history has taught us anything, it’s that war hasn’t worked. It’s the innocent Americans, Iranians etc who suffer. The government and big cheeses use war to control us. I wonder those of you supporting Iran over the death of that man. Do you think if Iran was the  most powerful nation will any of you be alive to talking rubbish. Especially those people who claim they want democracy. Don’t let your hate for Trump cloud your judgment. Personally, I think the person who made the decision to kill the Iranian general should be the one facing retribution from the Iranis, leave the rest of Americans out of this. Most of the citizens of that country didn’t even know who this general was. Woolfson don’t believe the media. There are many in Iran who want their freedoms back and fear the terrorist mullahs in charge.

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