Very cruel and inhumane, there is such a variety of delicious foods these days that don’t involve violating or cruelty to animals, I would think that civilization should have progressed sufficiently for humans to be able to have grown at least a tiny conscience and empathy towards other creatures How about pipes down your throat and force-feed you until your liver nearly explodes so you think that might not be crawl? Who writes the Motley Crue Guitar Signature shirt headlines they should volenteer to test if it’s not crawling.

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It’s just wrong to torture animals. Eat something else! I eat meat, less and less. It’s not easy to stop, but when I stop and think of the cruelty to animals, and, the Motley Crue Guitar Signature shirtof the meat industry on our climate, it spurs me forward and I’m cutting back as I keep it in mind!! Well, they should ban all leather because cows are far more intelligent than geese. Also, ban chicken, all meat, fur, why not butter and milk too. All mass-production farms are cruel, picking and choosing based on the method is ridiculous.

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And they are not looking at this from our point of view. As far as I’m concerned, the republican sycophants sat on their high horse and cheered every one of Trump’s reprehensible speeches, and you encouraged his harmful decisions to the Motley Crue Guitar Signature shirt where he thought he could do no wrong. If Trump is in trouble now, then it is every one of his blind supporter’s fault. You did nothing to stop him, so he tried to make the president of Ukraine find evidence against Biden. It is totally wrong, and the democrats are not going to overlook it.

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